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The Map That Can Twist Time (The Magic People Series Book 2)

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A cryptic map. An evasive gift-giver. A gathering of powers.

When a mysterious peddler shows up at the Wilson's vacation cabin, Jed, Charlie, and Mavis are thrust into an adventure through history. Tasked with unraveling the secrets in a map the peddler gave Mavis, the three friends and the community of magic people they know must decide if saving the few is worth risking it all.

Is changing the past reason enough to risk the future?

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Publication Date: September 17, 2019

About the Author

I live with my adorable son, an almost as adorable black mouth cur named Meander, and a troublesome but cute pitbull mix named Roger in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

I write novels that fold back the corners to show the wild, maybe not entirely natural things that work in our lives. I also write mysteries as ACF Bookens and books about writing.

I hope you'll stop by my website, and take a look around.

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