Coaching Cohort

Come work with me for six months to push your word-based business to the next level. 
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Sometimes we all need a bit of help getting ourselves organized and decided what is "just right" for our writing lives. Sometimes, without guidance, we go too big or far too small. . . but I can help you find what your ideal writing plan is for 2023. 
I'd love to help!

How It Works

This program is designed to give you on-going, regular support for the entire six-month period. From start to finish, you have access to me and other cohort members to provide you with accountability, support, and information.   

  • Part of that support includes bi-weekly, one-hour phone calls one-on-one with me.
  • We also have regular online meetings with past and present members of the cohort so that we can brainstorm together, network, and share resources.  
  • Additionally, we have a private Facebook group for members, past and present, of the cohort so that we can connect regularly to promote each other's work, ply each other's knowledge, and commiserate or celebrate as needed. 
  • As an added bit of accountability, I will send weekly check-ins via text (if you care to share your number) to see how you are progressing with your goals.
  • Finally, during the entire period, you have access to me via email to ask questions, share concerns, or just receive a little more support. 

I have been at this work for over a decade, so whether you have questions about the processes of publishing, queries about how to build a steady and sustainable writing practice, or need resources on editors, cover designers, etc., I'm here to help.  


$5,000 for six-month program.


We will work out a payment plan that works for your budget whether that’s to pay up front, pay twice over our time together, or pay monthly.
All we need is a $250 deposit to reserve your space.

Spaces Available

This cohort is only available to women or non-binary folks.

Dates of Cohort

The cohort begins on a rolling basis, so join anytime. 

Have Questions? Ready to Reserve Your Space? 

Contact my assistant Elissa at or fill out the form below.

All of Andi's services come through the auspices of her publishing company,
Mountain Ash Press.
  • Six Months of Support

    We’ll work intimately together for six months, and then, because I won’t want to let you go, we’ll be in touch forever after. 

  • One-On-One Calls

    Every other week, you and I will talk (via video online) for an hour about what’s working for you and what’s not. We’ll talk through questions, discuss challenges, and set goals together. 

  • Group Calls

    At least twice during our time together, we will meet as a full cohort to get to know one another, hear how we can support one another, and swap contact information. 

  • Facebook Group

    Join our FB group with new cohort members and our alumni to share questions, resources, and support. 

My Approach To Coaching

I take a very personal approach to coaching. I believe in tailoring what I do to what you need. So we start where you are and do our best to get you where you want to go in your business. 

I also don’t believe in formality or stuffiness in the process, so while we’ll be professional, we’ll also be friendly and have fun while we build your dreams. 

I also don’t believe in one-size fits all writing advice. So we will customize everything we do to your needs at this exact moment in your life. 

I so hope to have the chance to work with you.

  • “Not only is Andi an encyclopaedia of resources but she met me where I was with my businesses, and helped me streamline all of my ideas. A few months later, I have a cohesive coaching business, and I have time for my personal writing and pitching. Thanks to Andi, I have successfully pitched, published articles, and gained several new clients. This was an invaluable experience, and the best use of my time.”


    Author and Author Coach

  • "Andi graciously and kindly held my hand as I walked through the world of self-publishing. Without her guidance, I don’t think I’d have any hair left.

    She answered my many questions, and shined a light into the dark. 

    I highly recommend Andi’s coaching if you’re wanting to self-publish a book. She kept me from making a lot of costly mistakes and saved me hundreds of hours of time researching this stuff myself."


    Author and Small Business Owner

  • "I have had a dream of being a full time writer for some time, with no clear path of how to get there. I took Andi’s coaching cohort series in the hope that I could develop a concise plan to help my dream come to fruition, and it did not disappoint. Andi is a wealth of knowledge in the field of all things word related. Every question I had, she had an answer or a resource. Thanks to this course, becoming a full time writer no longer feels like such a daunting task."



  • "I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Andi. During my cohort, there were some unexpected life changes that affected my writing plans. Andi helped me navigate all of it, and I was able to adjust my goals without panicking or throwing everything out the window. Andi is real, honest, supportive, and there’s no one I’d rather have in my corner."


    Author and Professor

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