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Feel like you’d benefit from having someone else take a look at what you’ve written? Eager to have someone help you as you craft your next project? Need another set of eyes to help you find any errors or typos in your written work?

You and I will work together to craft the text that helps YOU meet YOUR goals and keep YOUR voice true to YOU.

All of Andi's services come through the auspices of her publishing company,
Mountain Ash Press.

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  • I edit professional and personal documents including:

    • Fiction – all genres, except erotica and Westerns.
    • Creative Nonfiction – memoir, essays, etc.

    If you are a new writer, I am particularly invested in helping you. I have over 10 years experience working with people who are new to the world of writing, and I’m here to support and advise you as you write your story.

    My goal is to help YOU craft the words that will bring you closer to your goals be they your dream job, your perfect marketing materials, or your first novel. I will encourage you, cajole you, and even do a little tail-kicking accountability to help you get to where you want to be when you want to be there.

    I price by the project and am happy to give you a quote as quickly as possible when you complete the form below. The starting price for an edit of a manuscript that is ~70,000 words would be $2,500.

  • Thomas J. Baechle

    What's The Difference

  • John Diamond

    Please Delete: How Leadership Hubris Ignited and Tarnished a University

  • Negus Lamont

    Rise of the Abyss: Volume 1

  • Douglas Gilbert

    The Last Saturday of October: The Declassified Secrets of Black Saturday

  • Isabel Mar

    The Purejoojoo Guide For You: The Understanding of Who You Are. Not Who You Think You Should Be.

  • Cari Dubiel

    How to Remember: A Novel

  • Kenneth Collier

    The Great Wound

  • Sam Andersen

    Falling Through The Creek

  • Paul R. Walters

    The Type B Financial Plan: A More Relaxed Approach to Personal Finance for the Average American

  • Avery Hunter & Mary Huron Hunter 

    My Fairy Birthmother: A Keepsake Storybook for Birthmothers, Adopted Children & Their Families

  • Dennis Cuesta

    Stuck in Manistique

  • JoAnne Macco

    Trust the Timing

  • Developmental Editing

    I'll help you build your work chapter by chapter and provide advice on organization, structure, character-development, etc.

  • Content Editing

    I'll assist you as you complete your manuscript by suggesting places for further detail or information, minor organizational changes, and overall analysis of the completed text.

  • Manuscript Reviews

    I'll provide you a 2-3 page analysis of your book and make suggestions about what works and what might need improvement.

  • What Kind of Editing Do You Need?

    If you'd like a clear description of what each level of editing entails, as I define them, please view this post.

    Please note, I no longer do proofreading or line editing – EXCEPT for academic papers – and I no longer edit self-help or business. But I am happy to recommend several excellent editors if that is type of work that you need.

  • Getting Started

    I work in Word using the Track Changes function for manuscripts so that you, as the writer, have the discretion to accept or reject any edits and so that my comments are easy to read and associate with your manuscript.

    My passion is to help you shape YOUR manuscript into the book that YOU want it to be. I will use my skills, my training, and my deep passion for the written to help your words be the best they can be. I love the honor of doing that work with writers.

Before you contact me (or any editor), I suggest you take a couple of steps so that you get the most out of the editing relationship:


Re-read your manuscript. Then revise it. Then revise it again. Only contact the editor when you have done EVERYTHING you know how to do to improve it.


See this website to get a sense of price for editing: Editorial Rates. Note: you'll see my prices fall right in the median range for professional editors.


Take a full count of the words in your manuscript.


Prepare a sample a 1,000-word sample, if you'd like, that I can use to evaluate what type of editing will be needed for your manuscript.
(I will gladly edit this sample free of charge if you wish. Please note that I need at least two weeks to review your sample. Thank you.)

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    As ACF Bookens, Andrea writes cozy mysteries, including The St. Marin’s Cozy Mystery Series and Stitches In Crime, which you can find here.

  • Andrea Cumbo

    As Andrea Cumbo, Andi writes romantic comedies, including The Red Flag Dating Club Series, which you can find here.

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