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The Ghost Realm

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When a boy she doesn’t even know shows up at Cassidy’s house after a book tells him to go there, Cassidy has to decide if she’ll trust this boy . . . and the ghost that called him.

Cassidy has never known her house was haunted, but once she finds out that a very important historical ghost calls her house his home and has for hundreds of years, she’s thrust into an adventure that has her making new friends, trying new things, and discovering new worlds.

Plus, when her little sister Eda begins to explore this new realm, she and her girlfriend Layla are launched into their own wild, wooly adventure around the world.

Will Cassidy and Eda find what they most want in all these adventures? Or will they be left longing?

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Publication Date: December 25, 2022

Special Bonus Content: Read the Interview Q&A with authors Ogilvie Gray and Andi Cumbo.

  • About Ogilvie Gray

    Ogilvie Gray is weird. Always has been, always will be. They love chickens, enchiladas, stroopwafels, and Terry Pratchet. They are a total bookworm and spend much of their time curled up on their couch with their nose buried in a book. Ogilvie lives in a magical, enchanting place in the USA where there are lots of trees, and the weather is a little wonky.

    Ogilvie Gray does not have a website, so do not try to visit it.

  • About Andi Cumbo

    I live with my adorable son, an almost as adorable black mouth cur named Meander, and a troublesome but cute pitbull mix named Roger in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. I write novels that fold back the corners to show the wild, maybe not entirely natural things that work in our lives. I also write mysteries as ACF Bookens and books about writing.

    Happy Reading!


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