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The Boy Who Could See Secrets (The Magic People Series Book 1)

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A tree that sends people through time. A 12-year-old boy with powers. His adventure could mean freedom.

Jedidiah Wilson has always wanted to get out of his hometown, but time traveling with his imaginary friend Mavis hadn't been part of the plan. When the anxious, brilliant kid and his 63-year-old friend meet a village of people with special powers, they are whisked into an adventure across time and space to help save the village's children from a man who wants to control them. Using his ability to see secrets and his talent for the classic bait-and-switch, Jed helps the villagers set their plan for freedom in motion... with Mavis's assistance of course.

Will Jed and Mavis be a help to their new friends, or will they just get in the way?

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Publication Date: June 15, 2019

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About the Author

I live with my adorable son, an almost as adorable black mouth cur named Meander, and a troublesome but cute pitbull mix named Roger in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

I write novels that fold back the corners to show the wild, maybe not entirely natural things that work in our lives. I also write mysteries as ACF Bookens and books about writing.

I hope you'll stop by my website, and take a look around.

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