Andilit Recommends


Ed Cyzewski

If you have a nonfiction book – business or self-help, for example – and need a great editor who can guide you through everything from development to formatting, Ed Cyzewski is the editor for you. Reliable, professional, experienced.

Sarah Fox

Sarah is an excellent editor for everything from developmental editing to proofreading. I especially recommend her line editing prowess.

Laurie Jensen

If you’re looking for a stellar proofreader who can help you with everything from correcting errors to making chapter headings consistent, Laurie is stellar. Laurie is my personal go-to proofreader, and she can be reached at

Book Publishing

Jane Friedman

If you need help writing a query, drafting a book proposal, or just figuring out anything at all about how to get published, Jane has amazing FREE resources on her website and offers incredible personalized services for query letters and book proposals.


Shayla Raquel

If you’d looking for someone to guide you through the publishing process or to help you with marketing your book, Shayla is one of the best in the business. She’s enthusiastic, informed, and engaged. A great partner in your publishing journey.

Book Formatting

James Woosley

One of the most daunting parts of getting a book into the world if you’re self-publishing is formatting that print and ebook. James Woosley of Free Agent Press offers great services to get your book looking good.

Cover Designing

Stephanie Spino

Stephanie is the woman who does my covers, so you can see her work on The Slaves Have Names, Steele Secrets, Charlotte and the Twelve, and Love Letters to Writers. She has a great process for understanding your preferences and visions for a cover, and she’s so professional in her work. I hope to have her do every cover I ever need.

Virtual Assisting

Elissa Hamon

Elissa is my virtual assistant, and she handles everything from correspondence to scheduling to invoicing to offering another pair of eyes on projects. It was the best business decision I ever made to hire her.

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    As ACF Bookens, Andrea writes cozy mysteries, including The St. Marin’s Cozy Mystery Series and Stitches In Crime, which you can find here.

  • Andrea Cumbo

    As Andrea Cumbo, Andi writes romantic comedies, including The Red Flag Dating Club Series, which you can find here.

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Tools for Writers

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