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 The stairs in the image at the right were painted – free-hand – by my amazing husband.  He began them before we were married and finished them just after we returned from our honeymoon.  They are one of the greatest gifts he’s given me.
Besides being beautiful, they are also symbolic for me because they represent the way I’m trying to see a thing, seize it, and bring it into my life.  I saw a photo of steps like these, I talked about it with folks, I shared it with Philip, and he made it happen.

So often, we see things that spark in our souls, but then we lose them – because we don’t know how to make them happen, because we think they’re silly and thus must keep them secret, because we’re busy and don’t always put much time to our dreams in the midst of our obligations.

If ever this was true for a group of people, it’s true for writers. I hear so many writers say, “If only I had more time,” or “when the kids are older” or “I don’t have enough to say to write a book.”  But still, that desire – that hunger to tell a story lingers on, a spark that just won’t give up the glow.

That’s why I started my coaching program called

The Painted Steps Writers

for writers in any genre and with any level of experience.

Only 8 Spots Left

 The group is small so that we can all get to know one another well and be accountable in the way that only a small group can be.

A new session of the program will begin on January 1, 2016 and continue to June 30, 2016.

During these six months, you’ll have things scheduled, busy times for sure – holidays, the end of the school year, work trips – but something will always come up when we’re writing. We need to learn how to work around those things, and what better way to do that than in a group who is striving to develop the same habits and patterns together.

The goal of the program is that you complete a book draft during this six months. 

I know that sounds like a big task, but it is doable.  You’ll still have to revise a great deal once the draft is done, but this period of time is quite manageable for drafting a book, especially using the tools and goats we’ll set up for each participant.  After all, people draft novels in one month during NaNoWriMo, right?  Here, you’ll have six times as long.

Or maybe you already have a book started or fully drafted. . . this program works with you where you are. You will set the goals and schedule, so whatever you need, we will work with you to achieve it.

The program includes:

  • weekly calls with the group to talk about struggles and joys
  • bi-weekly individual calls with me to set goals and talk through problems
  • a weekly goal-setting, coaching email from me to help you find new ways forward with your text
  • a monthly critique by me – and any community members who wish to participate – of up to 20 pages of your work.
  • and a secret Facebook group to share ideas, inspiration, great lines and to receive support and encouragement.

We’ll work as a group to find the time for our calls that works best for everyone, and of course, your individual bi-weekly calls will be set for a time that is ideal for you.

The cost for the program is only $200 a month, which I think you’ll find is a really good price compared to similar programs.  My goal with this price is to make the program affordable for people who may not have lots of extra income but who do have a genuine desire to reach this goal.

If you are interested in signing up, please complete the form below.

 Remember, I only have 8 spaces available, and they’ll be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once you reply, I’ll give you directions on how to make your payment for the first month’s work.

Note – please only sign up for this program if you are committed to completing it and are willing and able to make the time to do so.  It will only frustrate you and your fellow group members if you cannot participate fully.  So please consider carefully.

However, don’t hold back just out of fear.  Fear is a liar.  It will tell you that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t.”  If you have a spark to write a book, honor that spark, and look carefully at your life. Figure out what you might need to adjust for the next six months, and make the space for this work.  Only you can make the time and honor this desire, but trust me when I say, when you make the space, you’ll find the work itself gives back to you 10-fold.

ONLY 8 Spaces remaining, so reserve yours now.

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What the Painted Steps Members Say about their Experience

I have participated in a weekend retreat Andi Cumbo-Floyd led at her farm in Virginia as well as in her 6-months-long Painted Steps Writers Group. In addition to the value I find in Andi’s input and critiques of my work, it is through the community of writers she brings together that I have been inspired to write regularly; to include my writing at the top of my “to do” list each day. I highly recommend Andi as a writing coach and mentor. – Tom from Bend, OR


Andi’s Painted Steps class is giving me exactly what I need to write the first draft of my memoir — support and expert advice. I love it, and highly recommend it. I look forward to our classes every week, and always enjoy my one-on-one conversations with And. I’ve made significant progress on my book, and couldn’t have done it without this class. I”m feeling much more confident as a writer than when I started.   – Carolyn from Los Angeles, CA