Manuscript Review

Have you finished a draft of your book but don’t know what to do next? Or maybe you know the book needs work but you’re not sure what exactly it needs?

Are you interested in getting some overall feedback on your draft without diving into the nitty-gritty – and the expense – of a full edit?

Then, a manuscript review may be just what you’re seeking.

Please note, I am not taking on new manuscript review clients at this time.  

Andi Cumbo-Floyd

In a manuscript review, I will read your entire book and then offer feedback about the strengths and potential places for improvement in your work. I’ll consider things such as:

  • point of view
  • pacing
  • structure
  • setting
  • thematic elements
  • character development
  • introduction and conclusion
  • sentence structure and grammar

I offer manuscript reviews for fiction and creative nonfiction (memoir, essay, etc.) books.

I price manuscript reviews based on word count and am happy to provide you a specific quote as quickly as possible if you submit a query below. A starting price for a manuscript review of a ~70,000-word book would be $1,000.

As part of the review process, you will receive

Two-three pages of type-written feedback from me.

Unlimited email access to me for a month after you receive your feedback so that we can discuss your book further.

One-hour phone call or Skype session to discuss the feedback.

Getting Started

For a manuscript review, I read your work from beginning to end, making notes for myself as I read. I then review the manuscript and my notes and craft a letter that gives you global feedback on your manuscript. 

After you have had time to review my letter, we schedule a one-hour follow-up conversation to talk about your manuscript, the review, and any next steps that you’d like. You will be our guide for that discussion, and we’ll chat about anything you’d like for that hour.

My passion is to help you shape YOUR manuscript into the book that YOU want it to be. I will use my skills, my training, and my deep passion for the written to help your words be the best they can be. I love the honor of doing that work with writers.