Farm Stand

All the items you purchase here benefit our work here at God’s Whisper Farm.  We give you our word that we are good stewards of your dollars, and we welcome you to the farm to see them at work.

Fresh Eggs

Our gals are churning out a few dozen eggs every week, and we have them for sale at the suggested price of $3 a dozen.  The chickens are truly free-range, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free.  Plus, they get the finest in snacks – apples of late.  If you’re nearby, stop by and pick up your dozen.

Visit our Farm Stand

Scott The Terrier, a ceramic doll.

Scott The Terrier is Available for Sale in Our Etsy Shop

We have converted the community Voting House on our land into a farm stand, where you can pick up eggs, seasonal, pesticide-free produce, and fresh-cut flowers.   Most days the stand will be open from 8am-7pm, and you can just swing in, park right behind the House, and pay on the honor system.  (Tax is included in the sales price.)

We also have an Etsy shop, where you can find hand-painted ceramic animals, bandsaw boxes, crocheted animals, and other fine goodies. Everything in the shop is made by a member of our family or a dear friend.  Please stop by to see what gifts you might need for the people you love . . . or maybe for yourself. Plus, we take custom orders whenever possible.

Thank you so much for all the ways you support us.  Come visit soon!