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If there’s one thing I hate, it’s one-size-fits-all writing advice.

I just don’t believe every person can write at 5am every morning or that every person can write every day, for example. I don’t believe that advice like this is helpful because it can very easily make writers feel like failures and allow space for shame to come into our writing practices.

So, I wrote this book to help each of us explore who we are as writers at this moment in our lives. In these pages, you’ll be encouraged to explore everything from the fears that haunt most writers to the genre of your choice to the writing times that work best for you to your publication choices. In 31 lessons, you will delve into who YOU are as a writer so that you can be confident about who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

In these pages, you will not find any rules or “shoulds.” Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the better and best of writing practices that will help you and your work thrive.


What People Are Saying about Discover Your Writing Self

I recommend Discover Your Writing Self to anyone who thinks “I’ll never write like — (fill in the name of any author you read) so why bother?”
Before I took the course [on which the book is drawn], I read and dreamed about being a writer one day. I had published a few short stories, but I wrote sporadically, not really seeing myself as a writer, not really being committed to writing as part of my life.
By the 10th day of the course, I knew what I wanted to focus on (adult fiction). I knew who my target readers were for my story. I filed a half-started-then-abandoned memoir and a YA novel under “one day, but not just now” and stopped considering myself a failure for not tackling everything at once. I drafted a schedule that included all of my “life obligations” but gives priority to writing. I don’t need the burden of having to write every day, I have a life that includes non-writing events, and I like the occasional day off, so my schedule allows for that.
The course spends time on publishing and marketing, which though not a challenge I’m ready for yet, I need to know about for when I finish my novel.

I wish I’d written The Hobbit. I didn’t. Tolkien believed in himself before I did, and got his manuscript in first. But thanks to Discover Your Writing Self, I now see myself as a Writer, (capital “W”) and am looking at the very real probability that I will finish writing my novel.

—Christine Jarvis

Although I am an introspective person by nature, Andi’s questions and insights prompted me to look at my writing, my practice and my goals in new and provocative ways. With her gentle but direct guidance, I became more intentional and specific about what I wanted to accomplish and how I was going to get there. What Andi offered in these simple – but not easy – days of reflection was the opportunity to find my writing self … someone I thought I knew, but grew to understand much more completely. What a gift.

—Nancy K. Wolfe, LivingCenter

Andi Cumbo-Floyd is a generous and inspiring writing coach. Before her 30-day class, I was writing without consistency or clear goals. Since I’ve taken the class, I now have a writing routine, I’m writing (almost!) daily, and I’m setting weekly goals. Most importantly, I understand myself better as a writer.

—Nancy McMillan, Author of March Farm: Season by Season on a Connecticut Family Farm,

Discover Your Writing Self is both informative and inspiring. Each daily lesson encompassed important topics such as fear, confidence, staying focused, and even keeping your bottom tucked into your chair and writing. To create a writing practice requires not only all the basic tools, but also the inspiration to get from the beginning to the end. This course provides those necessary tools and the inspiration. I highly recommend this course!

—Terri May, Writer, farmer, herbalist at Whimsical Moon Farm

Andi Cumbo-Floyd

About the Author

Andi Cumbo-Floyd is a writer, editor, and farmer who lives at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband, 4 dogs, 4 cats, 6 goats, 37 chickens and 3 rabbits. You can find out more about her at and Her other titles include The Slaves Have Names, Writing Day In and Day Out, and God’s Whisper Manifesto. Her focus as a researcher and writer is the history of slavery in the United States, and she conducts archival research and genealogical inquiries in the Central Virginia region.


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