Cumbo/Cumbee/Cumby Genealogy

We are looking to gather genealogical information on our family, the descendants of Emanuel Cambow.  If you are (or think you are) descended from Emanuel Cambow, we’d love to hear about you and your family.  Some of the spellings of our surname are Cambow, Cumbo, Cumbee, and Cumby.Cumbo Cemetery

If you would like to help add leaves to our very rich family tree, please enter your information in the form below and include – in the message section – your genealogical line from you as far back as you can go, we’ll tie you into our family tree if we can and share that tree we have already started with you.

Your information will only be used for genealogical purposes and to share the information we have found about Emanuel Cambow’s descendants with those who are interested.

Thank you very much.

Andi Cumbo-Floyd, Andre Kearns, & Jennifer Cumby