Coaching for Writers

As writers, we often need people who are a little further down the path of this world of words to give us encouragement, a bit of guidance, maybe a kick in the tush. . .

Maybe you’re in a place where the helping hand of an expert who is a bit further down the path would be useful. If so, I’d love to help.

Andi Cumbo-Floyd

My specialty is working with new writers – folks who are just trying their hand at this long-form shape of writing.

I love helping people new to writing as you get your words started. I provide support, exercises, a listening ear, and solid feedback as YOU write YOUR book for who YOU chose.

If you need,

  • help setting writing goals for a regular writing practice or to finish specific projects,
  • suggestions about the structure or style of your book,
  • space and conversation to talk through your book idea, get started on an outline, or just flesh out a concept,
  • recommendations about literary journals and publishers you might want to explore,
  • a perspective about how to stay sincere and honest in the face of a very quick, needy marketplace,

I’d love to help.

Please note – I am not taking coaching clients at this time.  

Feel like you just don’t know where to start? Need some help getting words on the page for the first time?

As a coach, I help writers know how to get words on the page for the first time. (HINT – that just requires that you sit down and write.)

Eager to have someone listen to your hopes and dreams for your work? Want a reader who is invested in your goals for your book?

I’m here to listen, suggest, and answer when you need some guidance on how your project looks, is shaped, and might be sold.

Want to get some feedback on your pages as you go so that you avoid pitfalls and obstacles that could cost you time?

I’m here to give you notes on your work in progress so that you achieve YOUR goals on YOUR timeline with as few stumbles as possible.

Getting Started

If you are in need of an hour of time or a regular weekly coaching session, I’m flexible and thrilled work with you. I also offer limited writing retreats in various places, where we can spend time together to talk about your writing in a casual, fun environment.

If you’re interested, let’s talk for a half-hour consult at NO CHARGE just to see if I can help you and you like my way of seeing this writing world.

After we chat, if you’re interested in further conversations, we’ll make a plan to work together more.

Coaching Query

I am not currently taking on new coaching clients.  Please check back here to find out if I open up more slots.  THANK YOU.