Andi’s editing services are amazing. After reading the rough draft of my memoir, she encouraged me to dig deeper, to be more vulnerable, to push through until the real meat of my story shone through. With her suggestions, I was able to approach my work with a new perspective, and it encouraged me to keep writing and to make my work the best I could possibly make it. Her encouragement and gentle nudging helped me push through and finish.

Andi and I have worked together on a variety of projects that have all been very important to me.   Not only is Andi extremely good at what she does, but she also provided me with a lot of creative direction.  Her communication is great and she always delivers on time.  I would highly recommend Andi for any writing projects that you might have.

Thanks for reading the manuscript of my novel PINOCCHIO ISLAND and for your feedback. I am almost through revising it according to your notes and I am pleased with the revisions. It was invaluable having feedback and encouragement from a professional writer who’s been in the business of writing novels and who is not a friend (they tend to be prejudiced!) although through your blog I am starting to feel like a friend, too. You read and gave your notes in a timely fashion and I thought your pricing was fair. I would recommend you to anyone seeking feedback on their novel manuscript. Thanks again for your help!

Andi came highly recommended to me by one of the top publishing consultants in the business. She was thorough, constructively critical, and delivered on time–all qualities that I wanted in an editor. I trusted her with my first book and will trust her with the next one as well.

I have participated in a weekend retreat Andi Cumbo-Floyd led at her farm in Virginia as well as in her 6-months-long Painted Steps Writers Group. In addition to the value I find in Andi’s input and critiques of my work, it is through the community of writers she brings together that I have been inspired to write regularly; to include my writing at the top of my “to do” list each day. I highly recommend Andi as a writing coach and mentor.

Andi’s Painted Steps class is giving me exactly what I need to write the first draft of my memoir — support and expert advice. I love it, and highly recommend it. I look forward to our classes every week, and always enjoy my one-on-one conversations with And. I’ve made significant progress on my book, and couldn’t have done it without this class. I”m feeling much more confident as a writer than when I started.

“Andi was a great help in preparing my resume for distribution. While I greatly appreciate her writing skills, I was worried that she would not have the ‘business’ perspective that I needed. That worry went unfounded and Andi provided both an analytical and literary perspective to the review process that made my resume much stronger.”

“Andi has helped me immeasurably in developing my writing style. She has tirelessly shaped and molded my works and has helped to push me to the pinnacle of mediocrity that I am today.”

“Andrea helped me overhaul my resume and also reviewed my cover letter for a job application. Wow! Quick turnaround and super suggestions.”

“Andrea helped me revise a lot of my work. She was a great editor who worked patiently with me and really tried to understand what I was trying to communicate. She is a definite hire!”