I don’t know about you, but I’m a tired person. This year has been a wonderful and rich one for me, and I’m thrilled about all I’ve accomplished and all I’ve worked with clients to accomplish. But I can feel the need for a break in my bones (literally, I’ve broken three teeth this year).

In 2019, I have also:

  • published five books and a short story.
  • launched a new pen name and written (almost) two of the books in that new series.
  • edited dozens of manuscripts for clients.
  • wrote a couple dozen blog posts.
  • sent over 200 emails about writing and books.
  • and played my part in keeping our toddler alive and healthy.

I’m exhausted in the best way.

So for December, I’m taking a break from blogging, leaving most social media (except the most essential elements for my books) behind, pulling back from marketing, and trying to rest.  I was inspired by Nicole Gulotta’s social media fast over the summer, and I’m hoping that my time away will help me break some of the patterns of addiction I have to checking my phone and such. (I’m also looking forward to reading Ed Cyzewski’s new book Reconnect to see what he’s found about social media addiction. I’m prepared to be mortified by my own behavior.)

As I sign off and feel the relief of that coming toward me with this Thanksgiving holiday, let me leave you with a deep heart-wish for your writing life, if I may.

May you find the words you need when you need them. May your readers find your work and take hope and comfort in it. May you sort your path in the public streets of marketing without losing your way. May you take rest as you need it and write on when necessary. 

Happy Holidays, Friends. I can’t wait to read more of your words!


Love Letters To Writers, Volume II

My quest to sell 1,000 copies of Love Letters To Writers has not (yet?) been achieved. As of today, I have sold 413 copies, which is a great number, even if not all the way to where I wanted to be. Still, I’m pleased, and more, I hope the book is encouragement and companionship to its readers. The sequel, Love Letters to Writers, Volume II, is out now, and I look forward to how it might help more writers in their journeys.  In all, the lesson of marketing is always that I can do so much, and for the rest, I must trust. It’s a hard lesson, one I have to learn again and again, but it’s a good one, too.