A Few Beautiful Things to Inspire WritersIf you’ve read much of what I’ve written here or in my books on writing, you know I’m a BIG believer in literary citizenship, the idea that we need to support other writers even as we need to lean on them for support.  So today, I want to point you to a few writers who are doing great things that I think you’d benefit from knowing about.

First, my friend Shawn Smucker has been writing regular updates about the writing of his next novel.  Their small windows into the daily life of a writer, and I am finding them to be great sustenance in what feel like some of the dry days of creativity in my own.  You can sign-up to get Shawn’s updates here. 

Secondly, this week, I had the honor of being featured over on Kelly Santana-Banks “You Gotta Love This Writing” feature. There, I list a few of my most used resources for the writing life (as well as a couple of things I offer myself.)  You can check out the list here, and while you’re there, be sure to sign up for Kelly’s updates. 

I also have been turning a lot to Christie Purifoy’s Instagram feed because both the images she shares and the words she wraps around them are calming and beautiful and always – even when hard – about hope.  Follow Christie here. 

Finally, I am loving – still the painting at the top of this post – by G. Dixon Rios. I bought it years ago because it spoke something to me about how even hard times can be beautiful and about how sheltering, hunkering down is sometimes the best thing.  In these days of so very much, I’m letting this painting remind me that curling inward is sometimes the best thing.

I don’t believe much in inspiration as a way to write – i.e. I think it’s an excuse to not write far too often – but I do believe we need beauty and guidance, friendship and reminders to keep going.  Inspiration in that way is so necessary. We need things that inspire writers, every day.

What things are holding you up, reminding you, inspiring you these days? I’d love to hear about them?