Hard and Holy Holidays

Photo by John Mccann on Unsplash

Here in the U.S., many of us celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow.  It’s a hard day for many because of the fraught history of slaughter and colonization associated with the day, because of the grief some of us experience because of someone missing, because of the loneliness many will experience.  As a writer – as a human being who has found that the whole truth is the best way – I want to hold all of these things in this day and just be with them.  All of this makes me richer.

So tomorrow and throughout this upcoming holiday season, I hope you are able to hold the pain – yours and others – and I hope you are able to find the joy, too.

Happy, Hard Thanksgiving, Everyone.


Today, I had planned to post the financials of my latest book launch for Love Letters to Writers so that you all could see hard numbers about a very low-key launch, but I wanted to have a bit more time to gather sales’ figures, especially with the big shopping days of this weekend.  So I’ll be sharing that information next week. Thanks for your patience.