Spend Some Time on Yourself as a Writer this JulyIf there’s one thing I really despise in this wonderful writing world I am blessed to be a part of it’s one-size-fits-all writing advice . . . and if I can be granted the courtesy of one more pet peeve on this Wednesday morning, I’d add that I loathe the phrase “a real writer.”

When someone says that a writer MUST write every day or that a “real writer” never gets distracted, I kind of want to throw things.

So in response to that kind of “everyone should” writing advice, I created a course called Discover Your Writing Self with the hope of helping writers explore the who, what, where, when, and why of their personal writing lives.

The course consists of 31 lessons, delivered each day via email and focused on topics from the fears we experience as writers to the best schedule for your writing time to whether you like or dislike outlines. Each day, you’ll get one email about a specific topic and then be invited to respond to me personally or to your classmates in our private Facebook group.  That way, you can explore your writing life in words with other people . . . if you wish.

The course begins on July 1 and runs through the full month, and it’s available to you at whatever price you can pay. If $5.00 sounds like a good price for you and your budget, great. If you’d like to pay a couple of dollars per lesson, that’s great, too.  Whatever works for you works for me.

To sign up for the course, just follow this link

I hope to see you and your friends here in July.

Happy Writing!

If a course is not of interest to you, you can also pick up the Discover Your Writing Self book. Find it at Amazon*, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords