I’ll be honest: How to Care - But Not Too Much - About Selling Your BooksI haven’t thought much at all about book marketing in the past few months. Between infertility treatments and, blessing on blessing, my pregnancy, I just haven’t had much space beyond my daily work of editing and coaching, tending the farm, finishing a book project, and trying to find joy in every day.

And you know what? My books are still selling – maybe not in the numbers that would make me a living – but they are selling, and I’m grateful for each person who buys one.

You know what else? I’m fine with that for the time being because I know I have put the systems into place that keep sales coming, even if more slowly than if I was being very proactive. . . cycles of effort and energy, my friend. It’s all about cycles.

Sometimes, you need to have book sales at the top of your mind. Sometimes, it has to slide back behind the words on the pages you are filling. You have to care . . . but not too much.  

The Person I Trusted to Teach Me Book-Selling Systems

Given what I just said above, you may think it ironic that I want to tell you about a book-selling course that I love. But here’s the thing, Nick Stephenson’s course, Your First 10,000 Readers*, was the most influential thing I did when I first got serious about selling my books.  The course is rich and thorough, pragmatic and effective, and when I began to implement Nick’s suggestions, my books truly did start to sell themselves.

Nick teaches everything from how to build an email list of people who want to buy your books to how to write great copy for your back covers to the best places to find readers. (Note, social media is not that place in most instances.)

In a few days, Nick’s course will be opening up again, but before it does, he’s giving away his really useful book of tips on book marketing. I’ve read the book, and truly, even if you have no interest in what Nick has to say about selling books beyond these pages, it’s worth getting your free copy. 

Here’s the bottom line about selling books for me: I’d rather pay some money and take a comprehensive course like Nick’s so I have all the fundamentals under my belt than I would spend countless hours reading blog posts and listening to webinars and podcasts. After all, I could put that time into actually selling books instead of learning how to sell them.

I do hope you’ll check out Nick’s free book and consider signing up for Your First 10,000 Readers when it opens. 

Now, I’m back to the ginger candies, reading client manuscripts, and catching naps for Baby Flobo.


*Please note that I am an affiliate for Nick’s course, which means if you buy something from him I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.  I only recommend products I really find useful from people I know to be trustworthy, and if you make a purchase, Baby Flobo will get some snazzy booties.  Thanks.