How to polish your manuscript and query an editor with Andi Cumbo #amediting #amrevising #authorsThis morning, I have the honor of sharing a few thoughts on finding an editor over at the website of the kind Raimey Gallant.  Here’s some of what I had to say: 

1. What information should an author query a potential editor with?
Great question. I suspect every editor will answer this differently. When I hear from an author I don’t know, I want to know a bit about the book—i.e. the blurb, back cover copy, or just a quick description; this information helps me get a sense both of the content of the book and how well the writer can describe his/her work. I want to know how many words the manuscript has, and I use this number to give quotes and timelines. I want to know what type of editing the writer wants or to know the writer is aware that they need help determining what type of editing they need.

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