Come Spend the Weekend on my Farm

Each summer, I have the absolute privilege of spending three days doing three of the things I love the most: talking about writing, spending time with writers, and sharing the great gift that is our farm. At our annual Writer’s Retreat, writers from all over the U.S. gather to get to know one another, talk about writing, and learn from some of the best writers in the world today.

At the retreat we do a workshop, have casual discussions about various aspects of the writing craft, share home-cooked meals, and relax together around the farm. The animals will be around to greet you, and we’ll share a bonfire or two if the weather is amenable. It’s a relaxed and, hopefully, relaxing time to talk about writing with other people who get it.

This year, our retreat takes place from June 23-25, and we have 19 spaces still available for you to join us if you’d like.  

To whet your appetite for the weekend and to help spread the word about the retreat, my co-leaders Shawn Smucker and Kelly Chripczuk and I are giving away a set of our books to one winner.

  • Shawn’s book Building a Life Out of Wordsis a beautiful handbook that tells the story of his journey into writing full-time and includes practical advice about various aspects of the writer’s life.
  • Kelly’s book Chicken Scratch: Stories of Love, Risk, and Poultry* is a lovely set of essays, told through the lens of her acquisition of a flock of hens, about how life comes at you in hard and amazing ways.
  • My book Discover Your Writing Selfis a set of 31 casual lessons that are designed to help you think through everything from when you write to why you write.

To enter simply complete one or more of the tasks in the RaffleCopter giveaway below. Then next Tuesday, a winner will be chosen, and I’ll announce the winner here as well as contact her/him about how to receive their prize.

For more information and to register for the retreat itself, click here. 

We’d love to see you in June!

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