9 Women Who Help Writers: In Honor of International Women's DayIt’s International Women’s Day, and so I want to celebrate some of the most amazing women I know. These women help other writers ALL THE TIME, and so I want you to know about them and go to them for help when you need them.

This list could be much longer, but these 9 women provide the resources, support, information, and encouragement that I most need as a writer, and so I hope you will check them out, subscribe to their lists, take their courses (which are all reasonably-priced and so helpful), and buy their books.

Writing can be a hard business for women because we still live in a world where being a woman is considered a lesser way of being, so be sure to support the women in your life who do this work. It’s one way we can bring about more equality, and equality is better for ALL of us. 


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