Writer's Retreat at God's Whisper FarmIn just six weeks, July 29-31, our farm in Virginia is going to be delightfully overrun with writers, and I cannot wait.  This year will be my third for hosting the annual writer’s retreat at God’s Whisper Farm, and each year, I am all filled up and the perfect kind of exhausted at the end.

I’m not sure language will suffice to express what happens any time writers get together with the intention of focusing on our words and our nourishment as creative people, but I can tell you it’s magical, restful, and sustaining, at least for me.  Maybe it’s so special because so much of what we do is solitary, because writing – in practice – requires us to be alone to be our best writing selves.

So when those first cars come down our farm lane, I feel a jolt of hope I hadn’t known I needed.  “Here are my people,” I want to shout. . . maybe this time I’ll actually bellow that as each person arrives.

If you haven’t heard about the retreat yet, let me tell you a bit about it:

  • First, our ultimate goals for this time together are that we relax, connect, and learn – in that order.
  • To that end, we spend time together around the bonfire and share four home-cooked meals.
  • We have an open mic reading for anyone who wants to participate as well as a small-group workshop.
  • Great writers teach us about the practice, craft, and business of writing.
  • And our animals and the gorgeous gift of this place fill our spirits, inspire us, bring us rest.

At least that’s our hope.  Kelly Chripczuk, Shawn Smucker, and I are eager to share a weekend with you, to settle into the quiet of this rural space, and to hear your words as they spring forth and bloom.

To learn more and reserve your spot, check out this link. 

At present, we have 16 spaces left in the retreat, and we expect they will go quickly.

I so, so hope to bellow with joy when I see you come down our farm lane.  So, so hope.

Can I answer any questions about the retreat for you? If so, please leave a comment below, and I’ll get right back to you.