Happiest of Holidays

Santa Mo is resting up for his big ride.

It’s pouring buckets on the farm today, and right now Mosey and Meander are settled on the couch by me . . . a blanket draped over them.

Philip is still asleep, and I have already answered all the emails that must be tended.

It’s a perfect, quiet, restful day.  I will make a cheesecake – raspberry-lemon – and we may clean out the barn bunk room to get it ready for construction.  A small road trip?  Or maybe just Castle on marathon, time with the world’s most infuriating puzzle, and some cross-stitch?  The Great Slowing is fully in play.

And so today, from this quiet, sleepy place, I wish you the happiest of holidays.  May you find the rest you need without guilt or shame. May you laugh until your sides ache. May you have people nearby who wish you only well. May you find hope in any sorrow or loneliness you experience.  But most of all, may you find peace that passes all understanding.

Happy Holidays, my friends.  Happy Holidays.