I can almost feel the whorl of my spirit slow, my breath open, my eyes rest deeper into their sockets. The speed of my thoughts settles, and a rush of tingle spreads down the underside of my arms and to my fingers.

It takes concentration, a willful act of choice to abandon all that might need doing.  I let myself root here, now, in the silence of birdsong and respiration.

Here, and only here really, can I write what is most true. 

I am reminded that the silence that I crave is not about escape but about entering.  What I need is to abandon, to stare, to walk into a place where everything I need I know I have.

I write here. I wait here. I pray here. I grow here.

If you, too, feel the frenzy of action and politics and more tugging away at your soul so hard that it hurts, I offer this – I know that feeling. I hate it, too.  Let’s rest in silence together. 

This TED talk is wonderful.  Give yourself the gift of 10 minutes to listen and then 10 more to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I know you’ll feel better if you do.