Soon, you will weary of how much I have smitten with Brene Brown, but really, her words and research are causing some big shifts in my way of thinking and my life – or rather, maybe I should say her research is reinforcing thoughts that I was beginning to explore anyway.

10 Ways I'm Adding Rest and Play

Sabeen Knows How to Find Repose

Here’s one big insight I’ve had while listening to Brown’s work – I tell myself I am lazy if I’m doing anything other than working – either in my business or on the farm.  If I’m just relaxing, resting, or playing, a sinister voice whispers to me that I SHOULD be doing more.  As Brown notes, our culture extols those who live in a perpetual state of exhaustion, and I am just realizing that I have bought into that idea.

But I don’t want to be tired all the time.  I don’t want to feel guilty or lazy every time I take a break. I don’t want to think that time resting or enjoying or playing is wasteful.

So I’m making some new and intentional choices to build more of these things into my days.  Here’s what I want to add more of:

1. Music.  I absolutely adore music – especially singer-songwriter stuff and songs with amazing lyrics.  Oh, and I’m a big fan of funk.  So more music in my days.

2. Walking. I really struggle with the idea of exercise for its own sake (and I’m thinking through that), but I love taking walks. They open up my mind and my heart and settle my nerves.

3. Dancing. As I said yesterday, I really appreciate the freedom that comes when I dance.  Mostly, what I call dancing as it shows up in my own body is about wiggling, but it feels so good to move just for the sake of moving.

4. Time Outside. You’d think that since we have a farm I would be outside a lot, but really, chores here take minimal time.  So I’m making a commitment to be outside more, even if it’s just to sit on the porch and sew with a glass of sweet tea at hand.

5. Wandering. We are graced with the gift of some land here, and I want to wander around on it more.  I want to see the trees as they come to full spring and be in the fields as the green decorates them again.  I’m going to let my feet and my breath take me wherever.

6. Cooking. I cook most nights of the week, but often, I just make whatever is easy.  However, when I take the time to cook something new or fresh, I love it. So I’m making a commitment to more cooking. Oh and baking. Lots of baking.

7. Time with our Animals.  Right now, Elvira the cashmere goat is looking pretty rough.  She’s shedding her fiber, and so today, I want to spend some time gathering that so we can spin it. She will give me the spurt to get into the pasture with the goats and Great Pyrs more often.

8. Sewing. I truly just want to dedicate a couple of hours every day to sewing.  This time of year, cross-stitch comes more easily than the heavy yarn of crochet, but I expect I’ll alternate as time goes on.

9. Gathering. We have lots of events coming up here, but I also want to dedicate more time to having people over for bonfires and potlucks.  Now that the warm weather seems to have settled in, we’ll be doing that a lot more.

10. Napping. “I don’t nap.”  I’ve said that many times, but the truth is that sometimes I really just need to lay down and do so.  So more naps. 🙂

Of course, these things will require I take time from others, and honestly, I’m going to struggle with making peace with that. But already, the simple choices to take Facebook and Twitter off my phone, to be offline more often, to focus on what needs to come each day have showed me that I have more time than I thought.  If I add to that a commitment to not take on every job that comes by simply because I’m worried about not having enough money, I should have plenty of hours to build in these life-giving habits.

I don’t want to live my life with a purpose of “being busy.”  I want to live life with a purpose of joy. . . and these things will add to the already wonderful life I have.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

What might you add to your life to give yourself more time for rest and play?