It’s a simple 11′ x 11′ square, but it’s all mine – an entire room, a building even, of my own.  I am beyond privileged to have this space to call my office. Every time I think of it, warmth spreads from the center of my chest down to my fingers.  Great things can happen here, I think.

Snowy Day at God's Whisper Farm

The building at the left is my office.

At one time, we believe this space was the summer kitchen, the room in which an enslaved woman would have cooked the meals for the family who lived in our farmhouse.  The building is all original, except for a small addition that was added to the front.  The woodstove is no longer there, but the thimble for the pipe is.  We’ve pulled out all the sheet rock that had been hung from the original rafters, and we’re leaving the wide floor boards in place.  The structure is nearly ready.

I’ve picked out a color – Mac and Cheese – which will be sunny and warming, I hope.  Combined with the dark wood of the rafters and floor, I think this color will create a nice blend of thinking ahead and settling in.

Now, though, I’m planning layout and furnishings and art.  What will I have in the space, and what will I keep out?

So far, I know I will have a very large chestnut table that my dad made and that I will use as my desk.  I also have two barrister bookcases – with the glass fronts – to add to the space.  In the corner, we’ve already stood the corner cabinet – another of my dad’s creations from chestnut.  We are also going to move my parents’ matching, upholstered rockers into the space. I want to include some more of Kelly Rae Roberts‘ work, too.

But I may need more bookshelves?  A filing cabinet?  What kind of bulletin board or inspiration board might be wise?  What about my desk chair? Do I need a rug?  How many candles do I need?  And what kind of ceiling light is best? Should I get floor lamps, too?  What other artist’s work should I hang?

Will I be able to walk around in here if I add all these things?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  If you could or do have a space that is dedicated entirely to your writing life, what would you include in it?  What would you be sure to not bring into that space?  Any thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.