On Sundays, I’m going to be blogging over at our site for the farm.  I’ll be sharing our progress on things like our new barn and how Mosey, the basset hound puppy, is doing, and I’ll be reflecting on the slow life we’re trying to cultivate here.

So in that spirit, I won’t be posting here on Sundays anymore, but I hope you’ll join us over at God’s Whisper Farm.  You can sign up for our weekly posts, check out the goods in our farm store, or plan to come to an event here in Central Virginia.

So stop by, and read. I’d love to see you there.

I can taste spring with my back teeth – the scent of fresh earth, the grit of garden dirt, the onions fresh cut with the first mow.  I have never craved spring quite so much as I do this year.

I fairly ache with anticipation.

I’ve pulled out the garden catalogs and planned my seed order.  It’s ambitious – very ambitious – for our first year here.  But I am eager to try some new things – asparagus, ornamental corn.  Plus, my herb garden, oh, where will I put my herb garden.  I think I’ll spend some of today scouting.

The first dangles of spring life are tiny, subtle. The flower buds on the dogwoods and fruit trees swell like they’re taking a deep breath.

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