The ground outside this morning is frozen solid, a thick layer of hoar frost sparkling it to life.  As the goats charged ahead of me at dawn, their feet created a tiny thunder on the earth.  It’s a sound that gives me deep joy.

Petunia led the charge out of the chicken coop this morning, her sister Fern yakking behind her all the way.  Fern is chatty, but only with humans.  She likes to tell us about her day.

All warmth beneath their thick fur, the Great Pyrenees bounded to my hand and away across the pasture before settling down with the kittens – Sabeen and Jelly Roll – for a morning’s breakfast.  They share bowls.

This ritual of feeding begins my days, and it’s a reminder each time to stay tied to this dream – this farm, this writing, this small, world of a rural life.


I’m resisting this resolution idea for 2015.  Something within me is saying that setting down specifics in black and white might be not the right thing this year, so while I do want to read a lot (I’m shooting for 100 books in the year), I’m not resolving to do specific things.

Instead, I want to commit to a few of the things that make me the most happy.

  • Spending time with P, my close friends, and my family doing things we love.
  • Writing books that make me excited.
  • Sewing, some every day.
  • Reading – maybe even two books a week.
  • Taking long, wandering walks.
  • Enjoying our animals.  We hope to get a few more chickens and maybe a Basset Hound puppy this year.
  • Setting boundaries with people and experiences to keep myself healthy and content.
  • Deeply, truly connecting with other writers through this blog, writing retreats, coaching, editing, and social media.

I’m learning that embracing the things I love – really living into them even when its hard and when other things seem easier or more enticing – makes me whole, and my wholeness lets me live true with others.


In 2015, I’m plunging my roots more deeply into this ground on which I’ve built my life.  Because even when it’s frozen, it’s the space where sparkles and the thunders of joy abound.

What would you like more of in 2015?

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