This weekend, I spent much of my time with my legs wrapped in a satin-lined blanket, my feet propped on an ottoman, and my fingers looped in embroidery floss as I cross-stitched away the hours.  It was blissful. Orscon Scott Card on Stories

I woke this morning excited about the day for the first time in months.  A wiser person might have caught on to that lack of enthusiasm at week two. I am not that person.

I decided several years ago that if I wasn’t enjoying my work most of the time then something was wrong, especially since I have the privilege of doing what I love day in and day out.  But lately, even though every single thing I’m doing is something I love, I haven’t been loving it – I’ve made myself too busy. 

When I’m too busy, my eyes turn inward, constantly scanning the list of tasks I have to complete, thinking over and over about the projects at hand.  I imagine many of us know that feeling.

The problem with that inward focus – besides stress and all the requisite icky feelings and health issues is brings – is that I miss the good stuff, the new stuff, the moments of story that exist right beyond my own fingers.  As Card says, “The good writers are the ones who see . . . .” When I’m too busy, I can’t see.

I really NEED quiet, solitude, and wandering in order to write, much less write well.  But I also need openness – open time, open heart, open mind.  I need to have some time that is not full in every single day, time to just observe – both what’s happening around me and what’s happening in me.

2015 is going to bring some big changes for me. . . and I’ll keep you posted on how those unfold.  My goal is to have more open time in my days – for the sake of my clients and my own writing – so I’m making some choices to allow that to happen. I’m going to force myself to slow down, to take deep breaths, to sit and stare at the goats for a little while each day. 

I need that slowness to enjoy my life, and while I don’t believe that life is ever going to be all kittens and rainbows, I sure don’t want to miss the goodness when it comes.

What helps you slow down so you can see?


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