Meander serenades the cows.It’s the holidays, and for most of us, that means just the most beautiful form of insanity. 😉

For me, that manifested as a binge marathon of 4 Hallmark channel movies in a row yesterday afternoon.  It was amazing!!

(By the way, if you’re thinking of writing a screenplay for Hallmark, think romance with conflict between others that disrupts romance, cute children, and a resolution in minute 56.)

But all that blessed down time got me thinking about how much we need all our voices – for hard things, for beautiful things, for prickly, pokey, sad things, for simple things.

My favorite kids – in Hallmark movies and children’s holiday pageants? The ones who sing the loudest no matter what.

So just a reminder from me to you – write YOUR heart out . . . and if you need a little inspiration, check out this image P took yesterday of our dog Meander caroling to the neighbors’ cows.  There’s a lot of spirit in that little red body!!