Whew, life has been a little raucous here on the farm this week – a 4 story hemlock fell, our dogs have escaped 9 times in 4 days, one of our dogs killed one of our chickens. . . plus, we’ve had the honor of friends and families for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Banner_IShopSmall

All of this goodness and hardship has meant I haven’t written much. . . and I can feel it. I’m tenser, I flip to tears more quickly, and I generally have that unsettled feeling.

I imagine many of you know just what I mean, right?

Still, today, is Small Business Saturday, so I wanted to put out a quick reminder that writers are small business owners – our books, our blogs, our publications in magazines and literary journals – those are our products.

So as you think about supporting a small business with your purchases today – we are headed to a local craft and artisan fair at Early Mountain Vineyards later this morning – remember the writers you love and throw a little of your support their way.

Check your local independent bookstore for who might be reading today as part of the IndiesFirst program, and visit IndieBound to find books – including mine –  available for sale at independent booksellers near you.

What’s your favorite independent bookstore?  Are you doing anything special for Small Business Saturday?