I don’t really have much to write about in this Sunday Salon post, if I’m honest.  I’ve been so occupied with moving that I just haven’t read much, not even audiobooks because we moved between library systems and I didn’t want to have to drive 90 minutes to return a book.  So NPR has been my friend instead. (And I’ve missed her.)

Location of the library.

THIS is on my schedule for this week, too. The NEW Library

I have dipped into Murder on the Orient Express, and I began reading We Confess! The Civil War, the South, and the Churchand I’m fairly certain I’ve been waiting a long time to read these words.

Beyond that, words have been elusive – both going in through my eyes and out through my fingers.

Tomorrow, though, I’m back to the work with both hands and both eyes . . . and my ears, too.  I have a plan to start hard and solid in the writing and the reading again.

1. Write 1,000 words a day. My first task will be to continue the first-person rewrite of my YA novel. 1,000 words a day should mean the rewrite is done by year’s end.

2. Read 100 pages a day. I want to finish We Confess!, keep Monsieur Poirot for bedtime reading, and finish Still Writing by Dani Shapiro, a book I’ve been savoring for months now.

3. Organize my new computer – a beautiful, shiny Macbook Pro – so that finding files is much simpler.  For too long, I keep putting off my filing system, but it loses me time every day while I search.  On this new machine, I want to be diligent about keeping things organized.

4. Purposefully walk away from an organized, ready office at the end of each work day.  Now that I have a space dedicated just for my work, I want to make a habit of leaving work there at the end of the day.  I’ll tidy my desk, prep my next day’s to do list, and then walk away.  I’m pretty excited about that prospect.

So there it is. . . my plan.  Anything you’d add?  Any desire to join me with 4 goals of your own?