In just a few hours, I’m leaving for my first book tour . . . goodness, I can’t believe I actually get to say that.  I’ll be in Ohio for 6 days and do five presentations/signings.  Plus, I get to meet some people I’ve known online for a long time and catch up with a couple of old friends, too.  It’s so exciting. My Ohio Book Tour

And also, my stomach hurts.

I’m thrilled with the opportunity, and honestly, the idea of a few days away is also lovely, although I’ll miss P.  But for this introverted woman, 6 days of being outgoing, as charming as possible, and attentive to important conversation is also a heavy weight.

Here are 5 things I’m trying as a way to “thrive amidst the public.”

1. My Sewing Basket – I’m taking my sewing basket – with one crochet project and two cross-stitch projects on hand.  I hope to have some quiet times to just sit and stitch . . . the practice of sewing is so calming for me.

2. Airbnb – For a much lower price than a hotel, I have an apartment all to myself this week.  I’ll be able to cook some meals, continue with my work requirements, and watch Netflix – if only all the seasons of the Gilmore Girls were up now.  It’ll be a place of my own for a few days.

3. Great Audio Books – I’m going to be doing a lot of driving this week – to Ohio but then also from event to event – and audio books will help me relax on those drives.  First, I’m going to finish Insurgent, and then it’s on to Round House by Louise Erdrich.  I also have some steampunk YA series to try out and Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks.  Plus, I thought I’d give Outlander a try given the TV hype.

4. Sleeping In – Here on the farm, I’m up by 6:30 every day, no matter what because critters need to be fed.  But with P taking on the feeding duties while I’m gone, I may just sleep until 7:30 . . . whew!

5. Passion – While being with a lot of people is tiring for me, I believe so strongly in this book and the people in its pages that I think I’ll probably just float through the week.  I am deeply committed to sharing the stories of enslaved people and to honoring their lives and their families and their work with my words, and I’m thrilled to be able to share that with folks in Ohio.

If you live in eastern or central Ohio, I’d LOVE to see you out and about.  You can check out my full list of events here, or drop me a note through the little “Let’s Talk!” button below so we can meet for coffee. If you’re in Oberlin, I plan to wander about that lovely town for a bit one day . . . plus, is that coffee shop that sells the best chocolate chip scones still there on the corner? If so you’ll find me there.

Meanwhile, do tell me what you do to balance out your time with people if you are introverted? Or how you find solace in your alone time if you are extroverted?


I just started a group Pinterest board dedicated to all things wordish, and I’d love for you to join us.  There, we’ll share things that make us happy about books and writing, encourage one another, and find all kinds of inspiration for our dream libraries.  Follow this link to find out how to join in.