This morning, just before 9am, I heard a knock at my door and promptly ran upstairs.

Answering the Door in My PJs

I would like to have these for my workplace wardrobe. 😉

You see, I was in boxer shorts covered in images of fur-lined, earflap hats and a tank top.  I had not showered or even pulled my hair back after sleeping on it.  Today was to be a day at home kind of day.

So after I jogged upstairs and donned a proper t-shirt, I met the tall man and his nice SUV outside on the back porch – a realtor – here with a home inspector. . . 3 days early.

But here’s where the joy of working for myself comes in . . . I asked for ten minutes – tidied the house, threw on some clothes, and loaded Meander in the truck.  Now, we’re here at Bremo taking calls and planning to have lunch with my dad.  Not a bad day at all.

The luxuries of working for myself are manifold, but the one I love most is the flexibility.  I work a lot of hours but I work when and where I want . . . . like at the dining room table that where I grew up eating meals with my family.

The less desirable parts include sharing my pjs of choice with a man I’ve just met.  It’s hard to make a handshake seem professional when you have earflap hats on your shorts.

Still, it’s a small price to pay . . .

What do you love about your job or where you work?