Olive and Acorn, the Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Hug

Olive and Acorn Cuddle On Top Of The House

It’s been a busy few days around here – with prepping for our first showing yesterday and our home inspection on the new place.  And this morning, we woke to find that the big sassafras behind the house had split off a huge limb that we must now chop up.

But despite the busyness, we are all well – the goats had some parsley this morning and loved it, and I put up an herb toy for the chickens – a suet feeder full of herbs – that Daffy has taken to quite fully.

We’ll be spending today sawing and cleaning out the coop.  And probably some packing, too.

All the while, we’ll be dreaming and thinking of how we will shape our new farm.  So today, I spent some time thinking of how we will design our front room – the reading room, and I hope you’ll stop by my writing blog to share your ideas for what needs to be in that room.

Meanwhile, if you’re eager to see how everyone is doing here, be sure to follow our Facebook page. We post pictures most every night, and if you check last night’s, you’ll see Acorn making the leap from house to house.

Thank you so much for journeying with us.  We’re so grateful for you.