The first time I heard Joy Ike sing, it was as if strong, invisible hands had lifted something heavy from my shoulders.  That’s how I knew her music was powerful.

Our mutual friend Ken Mueller introduced me to Joy’s music when she was going to be in his town for a festival, and while I did not make it to her show that night – the room was far too packed – I did stand outside and listen to her play and sing for a few minutes before I went with my friends Kathy and Jansen for a beer. It’s a night I remember fondly, and I have Joy to thank for that.

Then, Joy gave me another gift and allowed me to use her song “Home” on the promotional video for my book The Slaves Have Names.  The song speaks of longing and mistakes and most deeply of what it is to know a “home,” even when that place or person is not all sweetness.  I couldn’t think of a more fitting song as tribute to the amazing people who lived and worked – without choice – at the place I call home.


Now, Joy is coming to our new home here at the farm. On August 9th, she will be doing a show fireside, and YOU are invited.  Tickets are $20 and are available in our Farm Store.  At 5pm, we’ll have a potluck dinner together, and then you are welcome to wander the farm, meet the goats, and enjoy the bonfire.  Joy’s show will begin at 7pm, and we’ll all be blessed for it.

Please join us and invite a friend to come.  And if you come a distance, feel free to pitch a tent and stay the night.

I CANNOT WAIT for Joy to join us here.

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