Just a little of the abundance thriving in this place today:

Yesterday, 12 writers drove away and left the blessing of their presence here.  I can still feel it, even through my fatigue.  (You can read more about the Writer’s Retreat here.)

This morning, I harvested plump, shiny tomatoes – leaving a few “almost ready” gals on the vine for tomorrow.  Tomatoes from our garden

This evening, Philip will bring home the final two girls for our goat herd, two cashmere beauties whose horns will speak of strength and grace with every turn.

The fall crops – spinach, peas, carrots, onions, brussel sprouts, cabbage – that I planted have just begun to sprout.  The fresh life of spring bursting forth in the weighty humidity of summer. . . as if they are teaching me about contrast through tomato comparisons.

Sabine and Jelly Roll, the kittens, have mastered their cat door with such dexterity that I think they give it an extra slap to mimic the screen door slam that speaks so fully of summer.

In a few minutes, I will hang laundry on the line to absorb the breeze and sunshine of this Monday where weariness calls me to a nap.

So much life in these small acres . . . in puppy barks and crowing hens, in the sunflowers just beginning to shine.  In the striped hide of a watermelon bulking up in the shade of its mother leaves.

Life writ small and mighty.

What big life do you see in small things around you?


On August 9, Joy Ike will be giving a concert here on the farm, and YOU are invited.  Tickets are $20, and they include entrance to the potluck dinner (just bring something to share), time with the goats, puppies, kittens, and chickens, as well as the concert. Plus, if you want to camp out on the farm after the show, you are most welcome. Space is limited, so buy your tickets today http://godswhisperfarm.com/events-down-on-the-farm//