Busy is a choice.I can feel it edging up on me – that desire to do more, try more, strive more.

At one point in my life, that desire would have led me to seek change, to take on a new project, to consider a new job, to volunteer for one more thing.

But now, I’m learning to sit back in my heels a bit.  Breathe.  Ride out the feeling.

Because in this almost 40 years of life, I’ve learned just a few things well:

  • Busy does not equal happy.
  • More does not bring joy.
  • Discontent means wait.
  • Simple is better.
  • Savoring tastes so good.

Something is stirring in my soul – a harkening to something deep in the spirit of myself.  I do not yet know what the call is toward, and my human desire is to go out to find it.

But now, I know that most often what I need will find me. . . if I listen, if I wait, if I watch.  It will appear – carried on the quiet feet of grace.

I’m sitting here – on the porch steps – arms wide open for the new great thing that will surely come.

Now, I just make myself wait.

I think waiting is counter-cultural.  I think we are taught to go out and get, take, push. Yet, in the truest part of myself, I know that all the striving in the world will not get me anywhere near as incredible as answering when the call comes.  What about you?  Do you struggle with waiting, too?