the poem I am writing

already wonders about its worth. – from “From Los Angeles Looking South” by Eloise Klein Healy

On mornings like this one, when I begin to doubt, when the openness of “other” feels like breath and time, when I wonder why I do what I do and think – for only the 457,894th times about not doing it – I force myself to sit in the discomfort.  7159326732_874f184f9b

When I think that my words have no edge or not enough weight to shift a heart much less a mind, when I begin to compare this quiet office with a building where people come for job training, or a field where a well is dropping into the ground, or a classroom where ears are open (at least sometimes) and grades equal goals . . . I force myself to pick up a pen.

Because I know words have a brutal edge that severs sinew and scar tissues. They have the power of a cupped hand with water just at my chin.  Words begin wars far more often than then end them, but that is not the fault of words – but of the clumsy, selfish tongues and fingers that issue them.

In Greenwich Village, Kathleen Norris’s words steadied my soul and mind when I faced the reality that my dream wasn’t really my dream at all . . . but more an obligation I had been handed for 22 years.

In the months of black silence after Mom died, Meghan O’Rourke lent me her language.

When I have caused hurt and been called on it, Peggy McIntosh shapes privilege so that I can recognize myself in it.

So in the face of grave harm, grave injustice, grave despair, I am not standing with a shovel or tutoring women who have been battered about job skills.  I’m not there in a classroom of 18 year olds, helping them interrogate their own beliefs. That’s okay – other people are called to be in those places.

I’m off to the side, observing, recording, sharing – the voice that amplifies other voices and whispers comfort and challenge in their eyes.

Tell me – what value does your writing have?  (And it does have value.) I want to hear what you want your words to do.

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