I want you to know that when you come here you will be honored for who you are and where you are.  436065491

Your stories, your pains, your joys, your history, your legacy – all of them are welcome in this place.

You will not be judged.

You will not be questioned.

You will not be advised . . . unless you seek advice.

You will be heard.

Here, we will respect your pain and your distance, and we will give hugs whenever you need them.

Here, you can take time to work in the garden or play with the goats or gather eggs.  Or you can sit on a log in the woods for hours on end.

Here, you can share or keep silent. You can cry or sing. You can walk or lie down.

All we ask is that you give everyone else here the space to be who they are and where they are.

We do not blame, we do not fix, we do not judge in this place.

Here, we leave ourselves the space to heal when we are ready and as we need.

So come as you are.  Whenever you are ready.