Today, I’m taking on boredom – not my own. What human has time to get bored on a farm? 🙂   10306249_225670214310951_5416887280603723027_n

Nope, today, I’m battling animal boredom.  I’m setting up a little digging station for the chickens – think little ones with toy trucks and piles of sand.  Then, I’m getting up an outdoor roost so they can peer around from a height.  Plus, I’m going to lay a rotting log inside to give them foraging time.

10305046_225320367679269_5720925910066537868_nWe’ve got the goats pretty well set – with stumps and hills from which they can prance.  Carmen has taken to jumping off the doghouse and executing a 180 degree spin in mid-air.  I’m wondering if we can enter her in some kind of goat-gymnastics competition.

The puppies, well, normally I would be thinking about their boredom, too, but honestly, these puppies are so laid-back that following the goats around and chewing on their toys may be enough to keep them satisfied.

As for our boredom, we conquer that easily. We have lots of weeds to pull – plus, I’m trying out the all natural weed killer I read about – vinegar, salt, and a little dish soap – on the garden walkways.  Philip has gotten much of the equipment in great shape, and has cleaned up a lot of the wood piles we’ve made from fallen trees.  But we still have much to do.  Weed eating and the ever present mowing.  I have flowers I want to add to beds, and oh – the hummingbird feeders to rinse and refill.  Our list is long.1797358_225386391006000_2747274943062129072_n

Do you think we can train the chickens to weed?

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