Meander meets the new pups.

It was one of those “secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others” mornings.  I heard the kids bleating before 6am, and while I knew they were fine – in shelter, with water and plenty of good – I knew I wasn’t going back to sleep . . . especially since Meander was right next to me, as she’d been all night – nose pressed to the screen.

So I came down and put on the coffee. Right away.  This was important.

Then, I wandered down the hill to the lower pasture – an oversight on our part was that we did not incorporate a path within the fencing to get to the lower pasture, so this trek involves a sort of carefully tip-toeing down a rather steep slope, a feat made especially challenging when two puffs of white, tumbling dog fur accompany you.

10313863_222314561313183_1667529200272182486_nThe goat girls – Carmen and Wilma – were both there and dry and fine. I gave them a little feed and tried to coax them from the packing box that they’d claimed to be their home.  But they weren’t having it.  Still needing more time to adjust, I expect.  10338699_222314577979848_71843903244052110_n

Then, it was back up the hill to feed the pups – Bella and Boone – and then inside to free Meander from her confines so that she could circle the pasture fence about 25 times, (She’s still circling.)  and so Philip could actually sleep in.

My final stop on the tour – the chicken coop – where once again the girls had knocked over their food and were ready – almost – to bust out into the run. So far, everyone but Violet is of the step-out and fly-right-back variety.  Violet, however, is the smallest of the chicks, and yet, she is the one most apt to explore . . . within 5 inches of the coop door, that is.

Now, I’m back on the couch with the window open so I can hear the kids and see the puppies – who seem to love their new dog house (Thanks for the bed donation, Jenni.).

I’ve begun my first cup of coffee, and I expect I’ll have several more in the future.


10363125_222314597979846_4238991013242315927_nToday is my least favorite day of the calendar year – Mother’s Day.  As some kind friends have pointed out, I’m caring for a great deal of new life today, and while I will not saying I am mothering these animals – partially because my father would cringe (animals are animals, and people are people, he would say) and partially because I need to be sure I keep that distance because, well, things happen to animals on farms – it is incredibly wonderful to have creatures to care for, to have a routine to establish for that care, to have my days spent with time in fresh air and furry faces and not just a screen.  This Mother’s Day is easier – not easy – but easier.

This afternoon, our parents are coming – I so wish my mom would be among them – and we will have a blast introducing everyone to each other.  I expect the puppies will be the biggest hit because, well, how can you not love roly-poly balls of white fur, but I’m taking to the kids.  Carmen does this thing where she shakes her head and her ears flap loudly – it’s adorable. 1920199_222314614646511_7510249441670415642_n

But just now, I hear Carmen bleating, so I must be off to see if I can coax them to hay again.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, in all the ways you mother and care for us all.

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