I figure that if, by now, you have not figured out this simple fact about me one of the following things is true:

  • We just met.  Like 5 minutes ago.
  • I’m asleep. (But even then, I talk about books, I think, so . . . )

I love all books.  I love them as art, as decoration, as props for those tables in pizza places that always wobble.

Most of all, of course, I love them to read.

But, then, I probably don’t have to say that, do I?

The fact that I am rarely, um, outspoken in my affection was made clear – as are all things (ha!) – by Facebook when, yesterday, two friends shared this image on my page:

Book Bed

Image from SecretSafeBooks

Then, this morning, another friend shared this image:

1238714_10151756758842054_654481561_nSoon, I will have a full ensemble of book-furniture, which would not – in any way at all – be a bad thing.

Maybe my favorite non-reading use of books is in sculptures. People create the most amazing things from the pages of a book. Check out this piece from WordsInk on Etsy.


Or this one by artist Guy Laramee:

Book Scultpture - Mountains

I know some people cringe when books are made unreadable for these purposes, and I certainly understand. I want people to read all the books of the world, too. But alas, so many books end up being thrown in the landfill or burned – both for utility and symbol – that I’ll take furniture and art as alternatives any day.

So today, I’m just making a declaration. I love books.  Simply, purely, and mildly obsessively.

What are your favorite book-related things in the world?