Today is a holy day for me. A day when I remember that I am loved utterly and completely for all of who I am, when I remember that every other single person is loved utterly and completely for all of who you are on this beautiful, spinning globe.  I am reminded of the possibility of miracles and given confidence that this earth is not all there is to life.  6530768839_701900dfea

For you, the day may mean something quite different – a time with family, games with kids, a great meal.

For you, the day may mean loss and grief, the weight of all those gone hanging in the celebrations.

For you, this may just be Sunday, some rest, a project, maybe a game on TV.

Whatever this day is for you, we here at God’s Whisper honor that knowing that you can have this day – every day – for what it carries for you and we can have it for our meaning without threat or challenge to each other.

Because here in this place, love and respect are what matter most. 

Yesterday, amazing, thoughtful, interesting, funny people honored us with some of their time, words, and great food here on the farm.  We shared stories and mole repelling tips.  (I hear Juicy Fruit is quite effective. Just don’t think too long on it.)  We ate carrot cake and pumpkin bars and these delicious casserole with quinoa and black beans.  Puppies tussled on the hill, and our littlest guest stood over the chick brooder – his “Chick Magnet” shirt enhancing his awesomeness – and said “chick” over and over.

It was a wonderful day, holy in its own way, too.  When people gather to listen and share, when we get together to know each other in a real, genuine way, the world glows brighter.

So today, we wish you Happy Easter for whatever that day means with you, and we hope that some day soon, you will bring your glowing self to this place and let us bask in the fully-loved, utter beauty of who you are.

Happy Easter!