When people use the word “farm,” images of John Deere tractors often come to mind.*  People picture wide fields of crops.    2973629851

But here in the Blue Ridge, the tradition of farming is linked to the tradition of the mountains – to smaller fields, herds, and flocks – and to other agricultural practices like keeping bees and shearing wool.  Mountain farms are about self-sufficiency and small production.  Maybe that’s what I love them so much.

Here, people place music on their porches, and paint canvases in the dusk that falls in the shadow of the mountain.

I love the Appalachians.  I love farm.  I’m honored to farm in the Blue ridge I love.

One of the things we hope to do here at God’s Whisper is bring all these traditions together.  Farming and artisan crafts, music and art – all the traditions of this place.

We’re talking about doing some workshops on knitting and animal care.  Maybe we’ll get a dulcimer player to come perform, and the local banjo expert to come over the mountain.

And we hope, most of all, that you’ll stop by – for a little respite, a little space to breath under the shadow of the mountain we call home.

When we have workshops, we want them to be things you all enjoy. What kind of craft, farming, gardening, or art and music workshops would you like to see? 

*We are Farmall/International Harvester folk here. 🙂

If you’re looking to support artists, check out this great website – Red Bubble – where artists sell their work directly to you.  I love the image on this page especially – http://www.redbubble.com/people/scenefinder/works/2576470-blue-ridge-mountain-farm.