Yes, I’m behind the trend.  Yes, people have recommended I read it for months now.  Yes, I’m thrilled I finally picked it up.  Yes, I will see the movie.  51e1dY1RXCL

The Fault in Our Stars, well, it’s really good . . . yes, all of you have told me that already.  I’m just saying I agree. 🙂

Here are the 5 things I love about John Green’s YA novel.

1. John Green is a man.  I love that a man wrote a romance about teenagers.  I love that he doesn’t tuck the romance in or make it secondary. I love that he puts it out there without shame.  I love that the book acknowledges the way men crave love and affection, too. I love that Green wasn’t afraid to write from the perspective of a teenage girl (and he does it well.)

2. The witty banter.  I’m a huge Gilmore Girls fan, and dare I say it, Green gives Lorelai and Rory a run for their money.  The dialogue is smart and funny, and the pop culture references are snarky and accurate.

3. The fresh, achingly honest look at cancer. I do not know what it is to be especially close with a child or teen with cancer. But I do know cancer – I know how it eats away at everything. I know how my mother pulled back from us- probably because she felt she, too, was a grenade. I do know how it destroys bodies and spirits.  I do know the strength required to fight it.  I appreciate that Green doesn’t pull back from that truth at all.

4. The book on book action. Anytime a book uses another book as a theme, I’m enthralled.  Here, all the novels that come into play make me so happy, and I get why Hazel and Gus love them. I have those books, and I expect you do, too.

5. Hazel and Gus.  I don’t really think I need to explain if you’ve read the book, and if you haven’t, well, I don’t want to spoil it.  But I love them.

I’m only about halfway into the book, so maybe in the next 150 pages, I’ll grow to hate it. . . . but I doubt it.  Green has written a wise, witty, honest novel. . .  and I – like the rest of the planet – highly recommend it.