Every word I put on paper

is a shout against the distance

between us all

– from “To Speak for Human Feelings” by Eloise Klein Healy

Sometimes I imagine conversations  like echoes. . . the way we speak to one another in the same tone and depth, just boomier and bigger.  4433062746

Sometimes I imagine writing to be the same. People shouting to themselves across a canyon.

Those are the hard days.

But sometimes, I hear my voice echo back with another voice – stronger, sharper – mixed in. An answer, a response, a word that shows someone hears.

I imagine that person on their side of the canyon, laptop on knees, a cup of tea on their left.  I see their hair, cropped tight and close in curls.  A clock ticks their limited time by, and they are shouting to me.

Those are the great days.

What makes a great writing day for you?


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