Cabin fever finally set in just a bit more me last night, after four days confinement here in the house.  Now, I think I’m finally ready for Spring and will be looking for the hillsides of daffodils to come up on the farm as soon as they’re ready. 2014-02-13 17.37.32

These quiet days have given us lots of time to think and plan and muse.  We spent one evening going through our timber frame magazines and tearing out pages with images of things we liked including a rough-stone fireplace.  We spent another putting together our seed order.  Last night, when I just couldn’t watch more TV, we read from The Backyard Goatand made a firm commitment to raise our goats with horns.  We had time to really think these days, and it’s been lovely.

On Wednesday, a representative from a timber frame builder will be coming by to take a look at the spot we’ve chosen for the lodge and to sit and talk over costs with us.  I am so excited to meet him and see where we go from here. Stay tuned for details.

Somehow, in all my years of dreaming and sitting with Mom to watch her sketch potential floor plans, in all the images I’ve had of this place and my dreams for it, in all my excitement and confidence that this was my path, this was what I most wanted for my life, I somehow still find it amazing that it’s happening.  Almost unbelievable really.

And yet, I look out this morning, and I see goat fencing. . . 750 feet of it.  It brings tears to my eyes, that sight.

So thank you to each of you for all the ways you Whisper life into this dream and into this place for us.  Thank you for sending me baking bowls when I had none and for your cash infusions when I was broke and trying to figure out how to make this life happen. Thank you for bending your backs to labor with us here and for cheering when Philip and I got married on this land.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It’s really happening. 

Our Farm Store has a new addition – chicken sponsorships.  We hope you’ll stop by and think about sponsoring a chicken for the farm – $10 – and you can have your name on the coop.  🙂