Today, the farm is buried in beautiful snow.  We have at least 12 inches now, and we’re expecting a few more later today . . . and then maybe more tomorrow night.  Right now, the snow covers the bumpers of our cars, and this means, we are gloriously stranded on the mountain.

Cashmere Goat Kids

Cashmere Goat Kids

So we have time to do a few things that we’ve been wanting to accomplish:

  • we’ve made out our garden seed order from the Seed Saver catalog.
  • we’re getting some work done on my book trailer for The Slaves Have Names.
  • and now, we’re setting up our goat and Great Pyrenees sponsorship opportunity.

We are inviting you – the Whisperers – to be a part of these animals’ lives from the time we reserve them at their present homes until they pass on to the great animal kingdom beyond in many, many years.

We have the opportunity for 48 people to sponsor a share in these animals. Each share is $50, and each person/family who takes on a share will receive a photo of your animal, a vote in the naming according to our American West naming theme, and your name wood-burned into the animal’s home. Plus, you have lifetime visiting rights.

These animals will our pets. In time, we may turn to milking goats, but these animals will live their lives here on the farm and be cared for until they reach their natural end. We are not raising goats for meat.

We have six shares available for each animal, and we will assign the shares on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you decide you’d like to become a sponsor, just click on the “Pay Now” button below, and in the notes section on PayPal, tell us which animal you’d like to sponsor. (Or if you’d prefer, post a comment below and let us know you’d like to send a check. We’ll get our address over to you right away.)

You can choose to sponsor any of these animals:

  • Pygmy Goat #1
  • Pygmy Goat #2
  • Fainting Goat #1
  • Fainting Goat #2
  • Cashmere Goat #1
  • Cashmere Goat #2
  • Male Great Pyrenees
  • Female Great Pyrenees

If by chance your chosen animal is already funded, we’ll let you know immediately and offer you a second choice or a refund.

Once, we have the animals reserved, we’ll contact the sponsors to review name options. To get you thinking, we’re looking to name each animal after an important person in the history of the American West – Red Cloud, Chief Joseph, Annie Oakley, Wyatt Earp, etc.  Our goal here is to honor ALL the people who formed the history of that land.

Thanks so much for considering this way to help the work of God’s Whisper Farm. We’re truly honored to have you a part of this journey.

Sponsorship a Goat or Great Pyrenees