This morning, I am very grateful for five men – four of them are in our pasture as I write – finishing our goat fence.  The fifth – my dad – is resting up after a hard day of installing fence posts yesterday.  2014-02-09 08.40.56

We do as much of the work here as we can, but sometimes – say, when we have 200 fence posts and almost 1,000 yards of fencing to install – we call in the help.  These five men are amazing – all the posts in in one day.  All the fencing up before Noon today they think.

This same work would have taken us months of weekends.  Plus, they know what they are doing.  I’m happy to pay them.

I’ve known some of these men for most of my adult life – they work with Dad over in Bremo – and they have always been kind, hard-working, and quiet . . . quiet in the way of men who show themselves in their work, not their words.

When Mom died, one of these men came with his wife and sat with me.  They were very quiet, but they cried . . . and let me cry.  That act is still one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me.  2014-02-08 18.03.27

So today, while I watch them put up the fence – knowing very well I would simply be in the way and make them uncomfortable if I tried to help – I am grateful beyond words.  So grateful.

Thank you, men.

If you want to sponsor a goat post fence, we’d love to have your name, the name of someone you love, or a special phrase put on a post for you.  Philip and his dad will woodburn the plaque, and the dedicated posts will line the roadway here between the farmhouse and the pasture.  Just follow this link to order. Thanks.